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Flightscope X2 has many benefits, here are just a few...

1. It is small, discrete and silent—after a few shots, you will forget it ‘s there

2. There are many different reports you can have—if you like data and numbers, it has many, if you prefer graphics and visuals, it has many, and from any number of angles

3. It will improve the knowledge you have on your own game, guaranteed. For example, it can measure your hitting distance of every club in your bag

Our Professionals use it to provide a “before and after” story of your golf ability. The first part of the lesson sees all golf movement being discretely filmed from every angle showing you both statistics and real time video images to identify any weaknesses in your game. The second half is working with the Professional on techniques, drills and ideas to  improving your game based on what Flightscope has identified

In effect, Flightscope is like a school report—it breaks down each element of your game, and provides skill attainment and effort grades with areas for improvement!

But don't just take our word for it ...

"This is a fantastic opportunity for all golfers to benefit from the latest technology on their doorstep, to receive objective feedback on how they are actually hitting the ball and to know whether your clubs are really suited to you." Jon Wright, Golf Committee Chairman

"The combination of being able to view one's swing and have the detailed analysis of what happens to the shot should allow one to understand what causes the bad shots, and hopefully what causes the good shots as well!” Rupert Horner Captain 2014/5


In addition to Flightscope, our Professionals also use technology focussing on driving and putting accuracy. Players often excel at one aspect and rely on this alone to propecia generico reduce their handicap and increase their enjoyment of the game. At Golf & Glory, we have also heavily invested in technology to develop swing and putting which, also housed in our Performance Stdio, assist the pupil in viewing and visualising their swing to understand any changes that may need to be made.

The Swing technology we promote is cSwing™, an advanced video analysis program which uses powerful drawing and comparison tools which provide still-by-still immediate visual feedback that can be emailed to pupils PCs.

The putting technology we promote is Tomi™, the only personalized putting training device that captures the critical parameters of putting strokes in real-time. From this data, Tomi™ can instantly identify what needs to be done to dramatically improve putting.




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